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My art lessons taught me techniques, skills and theory. But these are not the things that make art valuable. Art’s value lies in the telling of its story. It’s value lies in how the color, form and shape speaks to us. Much like each of us, each piece of art holds a story that demands to be heard.

You have a story crying out to be told. You have a story crying out to be heard, maybe by yourself for the first time. That is the heart of Art With Purpose. It is a place where you can learn to listen to your inner self, allowing it to be released through your choice of art mediums, music, rhythm, the written word, sand tray, EMDR or play therapy. 

At times, I may in guide you in this process by inviting you to create specific projects or engage in a specific activity. But the goal will always be to offer you a safe place to express yourself in whatever way is the most helpful for you. Art With Purpose is where stories are told, but it is also where it is also “ok to be speechless” as you allow your story to be seen.  

Your story is crying out to be told. How will you choose to tell hear it? Who will you choose to tell it too? I would be honored to hear your story.

Art With Purpose was created as an alternative to traditional insight orientated talk therapy. I utilize arts and crafts, music, movement, visualizations, play, mindfulness sand tray therapy and EMDR to support clients in identifying and reaching their goals.

Clients seek me out when they want options beyond insight orientated talk therapy. Parents seek me out to help their children develop emotional and behavioral control through play therapy. Those who have experienced feeling vulnerable, afraid, helpless and/or hopeless seek me out for EMDR. I tailor each client’s therapy to meet their individual needs in a manner which allows them to feel safe, secure and in control.

The creation of  Art with Purpose



when you can't control what's happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what's happening. 

that's where your power is.

Art always tells a story. Art lessons teach techniques, skills and theory. But these are not the things that make art valuable. These are not the things that allow art to take root in your soul. These are not the things that make art worthy to be given as a gift, placed in a gallery or showcased in your home.

You see, it’s really about the story. The story gives art it’s value. The story tells us it is one of a kind, irreplaceable, and authentic.

What is your story? It deserves to be seen. It deserves to be told. It deserves to be heard. It deserves to be experienced.

I would be honored to be your therapist and witness as you tell your story … as you find the gift it holds.

I will remain patient as you set that pace for telling your story. At times, I may gently challenge you to try new things, to consider a different opinion, or to take risk. But I will never pull you down your path. It will always be your journey. You will always be in control. I may go a few steps in front of you and invite you to come along. I may invite you to try using the creative arts, sand tray therapy or EMDR as part of your journey. I may sit quietly with you as we allow the silence to speak. I will challenge you to tell your story. I will challenge you to search for the gift in your story. 

What is your story? What is your gift? Who will you share them with?

Contact me today. You will be heard, understood and accepted as you tell your story and find your gift.

Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”.

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