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Couples Therapy


I offer a structured 5-8 session program. These sessions will focus heavily on improved understanding of yourself and your partner, improved communication and improved ability to support one another during times of stress or conflict. 

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I remember hearing someone describe the couple therapy they were participating in as “a time and place where we pay someone a lot of money so we can yell at each other”. I also remember thinking … nope not for me I will not work with couples. Fast forward several years and myself and my husband reach as make it or break it cross-roads in our marriage. During a brief separation we sought out a counselor who used a personality inventory called the DISC to help us learn to understand ourselves and each other in a deeper and more meaningful way and to communicate in a fashion which was both honest and digestible to the other. Using what we learned in an 8-12 session process, we were able to save our marriage. Do we still struggle at times … of course! Do we handle those struggles better YES!

What you can expect

Phase 1 (4 sessions)
I will provide each of you the opportunity to explain what is working in your marriage as well as what is stressing your marriage. By the third session we will have plans to move on to complete phase one and move onto phase 2. If we decide to move onto phase 2 each of you will each receive access to a survey to complete independently of the other. The results of this survey will guide our work together in phase two. 

Phase 2 (sessions 5 – 8): 

Using the results of the DISC survey I will support each of you in understanding yourself and the other. The results of this survey will also help each of you develop skills to effectively communicate with each other. The knowledge and skills developed during this process can be effective as you each learn support each other during times of stress and/or conflict. Many couples are able to take what they have learned and move on with a healthier and happier union. For these couples Phase 3 is not necessary, and we decide together to stop here. 

Phase 3 (sessions 9 – 12): 

Some couples are noticing a benefit from the first two phases but feel like they need more support. For couple such as these I offer a third phase. During the third phase we will continue to work on using the results of survey. We celebrate your successes and work on remaining challenges. This phase may last up to 4 weeks. 

Insurance companies do not consider marriage therapy, as a medically necessary treatment, therefore they do not pay for such. My fee for this structured marriage therapy program is $500 per phase, paid before the first session of each phase.